Beth Lenz
Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
46-007 Lilipuna Rd
Kaneohe, HI 96744
Phone: 808-236-7455
Fax: 808-236-7443
Research Interests
My current interest is to understand the role of phenotypic plasticity in scleractinian corals - how it is driven and what are the costs? Numerous corals exhibit strong morphological plasticity in response to environmental conditions such as light and water flow. Morphological plasticity allows corals to optimize their physiological performance within changing environments. While there is a high demand for studies to test the capacity for acclimatization to projected global climate change and ocean acidification, studies have yet to explore if stony corals with strong phenotypic plasticity will have a greater capacity to promote reef resiliency.
B.S. in Biological Sciences with an emphasis in Marine Biology; University of California, Davis, 2009
M.S. in Marine Biology; California State University, Northridge, 2014
Ph.D. in Marine Biology, University of Hawaii at Manoa, in progress
† undergraduate mentee
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*= Presentation speaker,  † = Invited speaker, § = Poster presentation
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2016 Coordinator: Improv for Science Communication Workshop Series   

2015 Volunteer: UH Mānoa SOEST Open House - Exploring Coral Reefs, Climate Change, and Coral Reproduction, Honolulu, HI

2015-present  Account Manager: Gates Lab Twitter Account @GatesCoralLab

2015 Activity Leader: Aqua Explorers Family Night, Waikiki Aquarium, Honolulu, HI

2015 Activity Leader: “Coral Reef Monitoring” 2nd Annual Expanding Your Horizons Annual Teen Girls Conference UH, Mānoa, Honolulu, HI

2015 Volunteer: “Marine Bioluminescence” Activity at the Bishop Museum – 3rd Annual Science Alive Event: “Water of Life”, Honolulu, HI

2014 Guest Judge: Mid-Pacific Institute - 8th Grade Science Fair, Honolulu, HI
2014: Invited Speaker to “Science Uncorked” Public Seminar Series at the Bodega Au Gourmet Bodega Bay, CA

2014: Ocean Institute’s 9th Annual Girls in Ocean Science Teen Conference Workshop 1: Career Development: Preparing for Success Workshop 2: Long-Term Monitoring of Coral Reef Ecosystems in a Changing Ocean Dana Point, CA 

2013-2014: Writer for Biosphere (CSUN Biology Weekly Bulletin) “Historical Women in Marine Science: Isabella ‘Izzie’ Abbott” “Expanding Education Through Ecological Goods and Services” 

2012-2014: Guest speaker Lawrence Middle School: Gifted/Highly Gifted Magnet Los Angeles Unified School District Chatsworth, CA Viewpoint School: Independent Coeducation School K-12 Calabasas, CA

2010-2014: Mentor for NSF Research Experience for Undergraduate UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory and CSUN

2013: Field instructor for the Viewpoint School: Independent Coeducation School K-12 Marine Ecology Field Course in St. John, US Virgin Islands

2013: Volunteer mentor at the CSUN Women in Science and Engineering Speed Mentoring Annual Event

2012: Guest Speaker and Activity Leader U.S. Virgin Islands National Park Eco-Camps (K-12) Virgin Islands Environmental Resource Station (VIERS) St. John, USVI English Immersion for High School Biology Teachers Moorea, French Polynesia
2016: Eveline van der Steeg, MS student at University of York
2016: Ellie Vaughan, University of Plymouth
2015-2016: George Davies, University of Plymouth    
2015: Giulia Manso Marchioro, Federal University of Sergipe
2013: Kristin Privitera-Johnson, California State University, Long Beach 
2012: Jennifer Smolenski, California State University, Northridge 
2012: Amanda Arnold, University of British Columbia 
2010: Kirstin Meyer, Northern Michigan University 
Funding Sources
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship
HIMB Colonel Willys E. Lord, DVM & Sandina L. Lord Endowed Scholarship
Western Society of Naturalists Travel Award