Dr. Crawford Drury
Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
46-007 Lilipuna Rd
Kaneohe, HI 96744
Phone: 808-236-7455
Fax: 808-236-7443

Research Interests

I am broadly interested in coral reef resistance and resilience from the perspective of genetics, spatial patterns and ecological flexibility. My research in the Gates Lab relates to detection and prediction of resilient corals, understanding how parental affects influence reproductive outcomes, and the functional impacts of genetic diversity. These focal points address potential responses to current and future challenges faced by reefs worldwide.

Ph.D.   University of Miami – Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, 2016
B.S.      University of Miami, Biology & Marine Science, 2010

11. Drury C, Serrano X, Perez-Portilla R, Baker A, Oleksiak M. Long distance dispersal and genetic connectivity among Montastrea cavernosa populations on mesophotic reefs. In Prep.
10. Drury C, Paris C, Lirman D. Dispersal capacity and genetic relatedness in Acropora cervicornis on the Florida Reef Tract. Revised. Coral Reefs.
9. Hesley D, Burdeno D, Drury C, Schopmeyer S, Lirman D. The benefits of incorporating a citizen science program into coral reef restoration activities. Journal for Nature Conservation (2017); 40.
8. Drury C, Schopmeyer S, Gilliam D, Bartels E, Nedimeyer K, Johnson M, Maxwell K, Galvan V, Manfrino C, Lirman D. Genomic patterns in Acropora cervicornis show extensive population structure and variable genetic diversity. Ecology and Evolution (2017): DOI 10.1002/ece3.3184
7. Drury C, Lirman D. Making biodiversity work for coral reef restoration. Biodiversity (2017): 17(1).
6. Drury C, Manzello D, Lirman D. Genotype and local environment dynamically influence growth, disturbance response and survivorship in Acropora cervicornis. PLoS One (2017): 12(3). e0174000.
5. Drury C, Dale K, Panlilo J, Miller S, Lirman D, Larson L, Bartels E, Oleksiak M. Genomic variation among populations of threatened coral: Acropora cervicornis. BMC Genomics (2016); 17(1) 1.
4. Lirman D, Schopmeyer S, Galvan V, Drury C, Baker AC, Baums I. Growth Dynamics of the Threatened Caribbean Staghorn Coral Acropora cervicornis: Influence of Host Genotype, Symbiont Identity, Colony size and Environmental Setting. PloS One (2014): 9-9.
3. Lirman D, Thyberg T, Santos R, Schopmeyer S, Drury C, Collado-Vides L, Bellmund S, and Serafy J. SAV Communities of Western Biscayne Bay, Miami, Florida, USA: Human and Natural Drivers of Seagrass and Macroalgae Abundance and Distribution Along a Continuous Shoreline. Estuaries and Coasts (2014): 1-13.
2. Collado-Vides L, Avila C, Blair S, Rodriguez D, Thyberg T, Schneider S, Rojas J, Sweeny P, Drury C, Lirman D. A persistent bloom of Anadyomene species (Anadyomenaceae, Chlorophyta) in Biscayne Bay, Florida. Aquatic Botany. (2013) 111: 95-103
1. Lirman D, Thyberg T, Herlan J, Schopmeyer S, Huntington B, Drury C, Santos R, Hill C, Young-Lahiff C. Propagation of the threatened staghorn coral Acropora cervicornis: methods to minimize the impacts of fragment collection and maximize production. Coral Reefs. (2010) 29:729-735
Invited Presentations

1. Drury C. Phenotypic plasticity tempers local adaptation in Acropora cervicornis: the influence of genotype and the environment. 2016. NOAA Caribbean Coral Restoration Workshop.

5. Drury C, Lirman D.  Genotyping by Sequencing as a tool for understanding genetic patterns in Acropora cervicornis restoration. 2016. International Coral Reef Symposium.
4. Drury C. (2014) The impacts of coral genotype on growth and survivorship of Acropora cervicornis. Conference on Ecological and Ecosystem Restoration. New Orleans, LA. Poster.
3. Drury C, Lirman D, Schopmeyer S. (2014) The impacts of coral genotype on growth and survivorship of Acropora cervicornis. Ocean Sciences Meeting. Honolulu, HI. Poster.
2. Drury C (2010) Abundance and Distribution of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation in Biscayne Bay, FL: Impacts of Freshwater Canal Input. University of Miami Undergraduate Research Symposium. Coral Gables, FL. Poster.
1. Drury C (2010) Abundance and Distribution of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation in Biscayne Bay, FL: Impacts of Freshwater Canal Input. Linking Science to Management: Conference & Workshop for the Florida Keys Marine Ecosystem. Duck Key, FL. Poster.
Grants, Funding Sources and Awards

7. 2017 F.G. Walton Smith Prize for Outstanding Dissertation, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science – ‘Ecological and Genomic Patterns of the Threatened Coral Acropora Cervicornis’
6. University of Miami RSMAS Career Development Fund (12/2015) – Genetic diversity of a large Acropora cervicornis thicket in the Cayman Islands
5. Garden Club of America Ecological Restoration Fellowship (3/2015) – Restoring degraded populations of the endangered staghorn coral using gardening and landscaping methods
4. University of Miami RSMAS Career Development Fund (12/2014) – Metabolic response to bleaching in Orbicella faveolata from the Florida Keys and the link to future reproductive success
3. Tinker Foundation Field Research Grant (4/2014) – Genetic Diversity of Acropora cervicornis thickets in the Caribbean
2. MOTE Protect Our Reefs Grant (3/2014) – Within patch diversity and growth of the threatened staghorn coral, Acropora cervicornis, in Florida
1. University of Miami RSMAS Alumni Award (11/2013) – Population structure of managed Acropora cervicornis populations in the Caribbean