Coral Research

Gates Coral Lab Research Fund

We have lost 50 percent of the world’s coral reefs in the last three decades. If we do nothing, more than 90% of coral reefs will die by 2050.”
                         – Dr. Ruth Gates

The mission of the Gates Coral Lab is to improve the prognosis for coral reefs by DOING SOMETHING . Your gift to the Gates Lab fund will provide our team at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB) with valuable resources to perform experiments to enhance coral resilience, preserve and restore coral reefs, and ultimately sustain the important human services that reefs provide.

Shayle Matsuda

All gifts are tax-deductible.

Ruth D. Gates Memorial Fund

Dr. Ruth D. Gates Memorial Student Support Fund

The Dr. Ruth D. Gates Memorial Student Support Fund was established in November 2018 to continue Ruth's legacy of world-class research and efforts to preserve coral reefs in the face of warming seas by supporting the next generation of coral reef scientists. Gifts to this fund will support undergraduate and graduate students researching coral reefs at the Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology.

Ruth was not only a shining star in coral research, but an indomitable spirit
in every aspect of life. Her enthusiasm was contagious and she absolutely
loved what she did.   
                  -Dr. Judy Lemus, Interim Director, HIMB

Elyse Butler