Molecular and Microscopy Lab
The Gates Lab occupies 4000 square feet of dry lab space in the Pauley Pagan Marine Lab at HIMB. This lab houses an array of standard equipment, including:
- 96 well gradient PCR machines 
- a quantitative PCR machine
- a gel imaging system, 
- nucleic acid and protein electrophoresis equipment
- an analytical balance and pH meter, 
- refrigerated centrifuges and microfuges
- various mixers and stirrers
- water baths, rotary shakers, incubators 
- walk in and under-counter refrigerators, -80°C (2) and -20°C        freezers 
- a dedicated tissue culture room with 6 foot laminar flow hood 
- dissecting microscope, phase contrast and epifluorescent    microscopes with imaging capacity
- Analytic titration system (Mettler Toledo T-50 with 9 sample autochanger)
Gates Lab Molecular and Microscopy Laboratory
HIMB Evolutionary Genetics Core Facility
HIMB Confocal Microscope (left) and
HIMB Evolutionary Genetics Core Facility (right)
HIMB Confocal Microscope Images
Outdoor Tanks and Indoor Water Tables
The Gates Lab has dedicated outdoor wet tables and tanks with flow through seawater for holding and culturing corals and collection of larvae and gametes.
Gates Lab seawater flow-through outdoor tanks