A Tribute to Dr. Ruth Gates
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The Atlantic: The Fight for Corals Loses Its Great Champion 
Ruth Gates dedicated her life to saving the world’s reefs and training the next generation of reef scientists. 
Ed Yong October 29, 2018

Honolulu Civil Beat:  RIP Ruth Gates: The World Loses A Top Coral Scientist And ‘Indomitable Spirit’
The University of Hawaii researcher was working on creative ways to preserve the ocean’s dwindling reefs in the face of climate change. She never lost hope.
Nathan Eagle October 30, 2018

Coral biologist and tireless reef advocate.
Peter J Edmunds & Virginia M Weis 
Nature Ecology & Evolution 3: 10–11
December 10, 2018

PRI's The World: Remembering coral reef researcher Ruth Gates
Ruth Gates, a renowned coral researcher, died last week from brain cancer. Host Marco Werman speaks to Virginia Weis, a longtime friend, and scientific collaborator, who is remembering Gates this week.
October 30, 2018