Dr. Katie Barott

Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
46-007 Lilipuna Rd
Kaneohe, HI 96744
Phone: 808-236-7455
Fax: 808-236-7443
Research Interests
My research is focused on understanding the cellular mechanisms that regulate coral physiology and symbiosis. I am also interested in how environmental conditions affect these processes, and in determining their adaptability in the face of global climate change.
B.S. Zoology & B.S. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Michigan State University (2006)
Ph.D. Biology, Joint Program: San Diego State University and the University of California San Diego (2012)
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Funding Sources
NSF Ocean Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (2012 – 2014)
Young Investigator Award Finalist, Society for Experimental Biology (2013)
Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) Fellowship (2011)
NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (2007 – 2010)