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Prospective Summer Spawning Volunteers
We invite the community to assist us with spawning events! Most volunteers come to HIMB between 7-11pm for up to 6 nights around the new moon May-August. You must be able to attend a minimimum of 3 nights over the summer to participate. We will begin accepting applicants for summer 2019 in January 2019. The form will be available here at that time.

Prospective Graduate Students

The Gates Lab is currently full , so Dr. Gates is not accepting any new graduate applicants at this time.

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Please fill out this form: Internship Application AND email your resume/CV to Kira at kirawa@hawaii.edu. We will contact you if you are selected for an interview. Internships are all on a volunteer basis and are typically 8-40 hours/week, M-F, between 9am-5pm. You must have reliable transportation to/from HIMB in Kaneohe, Oahu. HIMB provides a van shuttle from a nearby parking lot/bus stop & a boat shuttle. The maximum term for an international internship is 90 days.

Prospective Post Doctoral Researchers

We have a dynamic postdoctoral community with a history of US and international participants. Please contact Dr. Gates to discuss availability and funding potential.

                                    Mariah Opalek
                                              School: University of Hawaii at Manoa
                                              Hometown: Kalaheo, Kauai
                                              Funding: Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)
                                              Intern Since: September 2016
How did you become interested in research in marine biology?
Growing up, the beach was practically my second home. I'd spend hours looking in tidepools, snorkeling coral reefs and being fascinated about organisms I had no idea about or what they even were for that matter. But as my education continued I realized how much scientists really didn't know about the ocean and its inhabitants. And especially now with the declining health of our ocean, there's a potential risk of losing creatures that I grew up loving and losing creatures we have yet discovered. I want to use my passion to positively impact our ocean so we can continue observing, learning, and discovering everything it has to offer.  
What projects are you working on in the Gates Lab?    
This will be the first time I have ever worked in a lab so I'm starting off by learning basic lab techniques and general lab protocol. I will also be assisting graduate Shayle Matsuda with projects where we'll be looking at the coral-algal symbiosis and the response of this system to climate stressors. [Maria recently received funding to conduct an independent research project through the UROP program].

Where do you plan to go next? What are your career goals?

I plan on eventually being able to design my own experiments to conduct in the lab and finding opportunities where I am able to work in labs around the world.

                                     Dyson Chee
                                               High School Student
                                               Hometown: Honolulu, HI
                                               Intern Since: November 2016
How did you become interested in research in marine biology?

I became interested in research in marine biology through my love of fish. I've loved fish and kept fish tanks for as long as I can remember. While studying about fish through aquariums, books, and nature, I learned about other marine animals, which also fascinated me. I wanted to know and learn more about them through research.
What projects are you working on in the Gates Lab?    
The project I am helping with is a reciprocal transplant experiment, with the goal of looking at how corals and their symbionts respond to a variable vs. a stable pH environment.

Where do you plan to go next? What are your career goals?

I plan to take college courses at Kapiolani Community College [as a high school student]. My long term goal is to become an ichthyologist.