The members of the Gates Lab are active in science outreach and participate in community events throughout the year to teach the public about corals and coral reefs. Check out the education resources that have been developed by members of the Gates Lab to help teachers bring coral reefs to the classroom. 
April 2017
Each year, the Isdell Center for Global Leadership selects four of our students to engage in an in-depth, year-long study of a global issue. This year they are learning about climate change and its impacts on various ecosystems and human societies. The students visited the Gates Lab and spent the day learning about research in the marine environment with Chris Wall. 


Kaci Muromoto, a middle school student at Mid Pacific Institute, completed a research project under the mentorship of Chris Wall on the effects of sunscreen on corals. and recently competed at the Hawaii state science fair. At the Hawaii state science fair, she received the American Chemical Society Award, the best in biochemistry award, and first place overall in biochemistry. She also received a nomination to the national competition. Congratulations Kaci and Chris!

BACK AGAIN! Gates lab members Chris Wall, Mariana Rocha de Souza, and Kira Hughes hosted many of the same SEEQS middle school students who visited HIMB back in September 2016 to expand their knowledge on Cnidarians in a different learning setting. We partnered with the Waikiki Aquarium and the John A. Burns School of Medicine for the hands-on "Science of the Sting" workshop!  

February 2017
Gates lab members Mariana Rocha de Souza and Kira Hughes volunteered as judges for the Central and Windward District Science Fairs. Good luck to the young scientists who advanced to the Hawai'i State Science & Engineering Fair in April!

Gates Lab PhD candidate, Raphael Ritson-Williams presented a Marine Biodiversity in Limu activity to the environmental science club of 19 middle school students at Le Jardin Academy in Kailua, Hawaii. He also presented this activity to 30 middle school girls at the "Sacred Hearts Academy Symposium for Science for Girls". 

January 2017
Students from Punahou School toured HIMB,
worked on recruitment tiles in the lab, and interviewed researchers to "Be a Scientist for a Day"!

Student drawing of what a Scientist looks like before and after their Gates Lab visit.
We've also been busy working with nearby Kailua High School! Three Gates Lab members volunteered as judges at their schoolwide Science Fair. We were impressed by the creativity that went into the projects!

We also donated lab supplies to Sara Anglin, Science Fair Coordinator and AP Biology teacher, to be used for future instruction and student projects.
November 2016
Gates Lab PhD student, Shayle Matsuda, visited the California Academy of Science to present a workshop to students in the Careers in Science internship program. He used virtual reality technology to guide the students through a coral survey activity and help them explore the reef in the classroom!

Chris Wall, a PhD candidate in the Gates Lab, worked with the Honolulu Museum of Art School and 1st grade students from Queen Ka'ahumanu Elementary School to making coral reefs out of clay. The students spent the day learning about the incredible, living coral reef! 

Chris also mentored a student for their science fair project at the Mid Pacific Institute on the role of exposure duration of sunscreen effects on corals. Congratulations on making it to the district science fair! 
September 2016
Gates Lab PhD student, Ariana Huffmyer, visited Nanakuli High School as a guest speaker in five marine science classes. The students talked with Ariana about their backyard coral reefs and had the chance to look at juvenile and adult corals under the microscope! Thank you Nanakuli High School for hosting this visit.
Students from the School for Examining Essential Questions of Sustainability on Oahu, Hawaii visited the Gates Lab to learn about coral reefs and conservation-based research. PhD candidate Chris Wall and PhD students Beth Lenz, Shayle Matsuda, and Ariana Huffmyer led the students on an interactive tour of the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology and the Gates Lab. Thanks for visiting the Gates Lab, SEEQers!
August 2016
In a collaboration with Scholastic Magazines, Dr. Ruth Gates and others have worked together to publish an article about coral bleaching in the Scholastic magazine, Science World. ScienceWorld is an educational magazine for students grades 6-10. Look for another coral bleaching article in a future issue of Super Science for elementary students! 
August 2016
Gates and Lemus Labs PhD student, Ariana Huffmyer, travelled to American Samoa along with Dr. Judy Lemus of HIMB, Annick Cros of HIMB, and Dr. Samantha Stevenson of NCAR to present the 2016 Climate Science Teacher Institute workshop. This week-long workshop for American Samoan teachers focused on topics in climate science, the impacts of climate change on local communities, and how these concepts align with their curriculum and standards. 
July 2016
PhD Candidate, Chris Wall, gave a lecture on climate change and coral reefs to a group of young students from North Lake College (Irving, TX) participating in the Hawaiian Field Studies Program.  This immersive biology and environmental science program visits three of the Hawaiian Islands to learn about the unique diversity found in Hawai'i; Chris was once a student of this program over a decade ago!

June 2016
Gates Lab collaborator, Dr. Ouida Meier, coordinated an EarthCube CRESCYNT (Coral Reef Science and Cyperinfrastructure Network) Cyber Tools and Resources workshop at the 2016 International Coral Reef Symposium in Honolulu, HI. For more information about CRESCYNT and advances in cyberinfrastructure for coral reef science, visit earthcube.org/group/crescynt-coral-reef-science-cyberinfrastructure-network.

May 2016
Gates Lab PhD Candidate, Chris Wall, is mentoring Sami Thomas from Coppell High School in Coppell, TX, in her International Baccalaureate Diploma on the local and global stressors on corals. Sami will be graduating in 2017 and will start her undergraduate at the University of Hawai'i. 

He also served as a science advisor for Ann Pace, a Sloan Finalist for Production from the Univ. of California Los Angeles School for Theater, Film, and Television in her  ‘coral bleaching film’ script.  Ann worked to write an inspiring script about coral bleaching in Hawai'i a scientist's quest to secure the future of coral reefs.

April 2016
Gates Lab members Beth Lenz and Ariana Huffmyer held a workshop on coral reefs and reef management at the 2016 Expanding Your Horizons Girls in Science Conference. Middle school girls interested in science careers practiced monitoring their own coral reef! For more information on the Expanding Your Horizons Conference, visit  http://www.eyhn.org/.
February 2016
The Gates and Lemus Labs partnered to welcome a motivated group of local educators in the University of Hawaii at Manoa EDCS 433 Interdisciplinary Science Curriculum course and their professor, Dr. Pauline Chinn, to HIMB to learn more about "Hawaiian Corals: Challenges and Opportunities". Dr. Judy Lemus, an academic program specialist at HIMB, Gates/Lemus PhD student, Ariana Huffmyer, and members of the Gates Lab spent a day with the educators talking about place-based marine science and engaging in hands-on and minds-on activities. We enjoyed a day of great conversations and learning with this group!
January 2016
The Gates Lab was visited by a collaborator, Dr. Tung-Yung Fan, and the Coral Reef Ambassadors, a group of dedicated and passionate students who traveled from Taiwan to learn about coral reef research and management in Hawaii. The Coral Reef Ambassadors and their tour guide, PhD student Ariana Huffmyer, spent a day at HIMB learning about the Gates Lab research and the techniques that scientists use to study coral reefs.
October 2015
Gates Lab members teach the public about coral reproduction at the SOEST Open House at UH Mānoa. 
September 2015
Families learn about the life stages of corals at the
Waikīkī Aquarium Explorers night. 
Coral Reefs in the Classroom: Education materials from the Gates Lab

Raphael Ritson-Williams
Raph's Wall: Resources for teachers and students

On his website, Raphael provides a series of lectures and corresponding notes . The notes for each lecture can stand alone and be used to narrate the lectures. Teachers and students are able to modify these lectures and notes for their specific use. 
Additionally, Raphael provides a series of blogs that are meant to "translate" complex science so anyone may understand the information. 
In the future, Raphael plans to add more lectures and notes to his website to increase the scope of the topics covered. These lectures are foundations for lesson plans that will become independent curriculum units focuing on scientific topics in ecology, evolution, and conservation biology. 

Christopher Wall
C OR(AL)OHA:  Educational resources, videos, and interactive learning tools  

The goal of COR(AL)OHA, is to provide captivating, interactive platform to highlight the beauty and diversity of coral reefs. Educational materials are designed to accommodate all educational levels and can be used for immersive lesson plans, or explored just for fun!
Additionally, his website hosts a variety of learning materials including interactive 360-panoramics and "virtual reality swims", educational videos, photogrammetry and digital transects, brief coral science lessons, a research blog... and more!

In the future Chris plans on building these educational resources into specific lesson plans and produce short videos on newly published research in the Gates Lab.