Raphael Ritson-Williams
Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
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Kaneohe, HI 96744
Phone: 808-236-7455
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Research Interests
Fundamentally I’m interested in coral reef biodiversity, ecology, evolution and conservation. Some of my previous research has been to better understand coral reef biodiversity and chemical ecology at the organismal level. More recently my research (with many wonderful collaborators!) has focused on coral recruitment as a critical process for reef recovery. For my PhD research I’m especially interested in how coral genotypic diversity will respond to local and global stressors. A changing environment might be driving population dynamics for corals and a population’s ability to adapt to that variability could be determined by successful recruitment of more stress resistant genotypes. However, how recruitment influences population dynamics remains poorly studied and we still don’t have a good understanding of the natural levels of variability in stress tolerance of corals and their larvae. Understanding how stressors influence genotypic diversity in coral populations is necessary to predict the trajectory of coral survival and their ability to recover from acute and chronic stressors. Coral populations with decreasing genotypic diversity may be experiencing a serious genetic bottleneck that could threaten their ability to survive future stress events, leading to the destruction of this valuable ecosystem. 
B.Sc. in Biology/Ecology. The Evergreen State College 1998
M.S. in Biology University of Guam 2002
Ph.D. in Zoology, University of Hawai‘i at Manoa, in progress
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Ritson-Williams R, Gates RD. 2016. Coral Bleaching in Hawai'i: A Window into Reefs of the Future. Integrative and Comparative Biology 56: E184-E184. 

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*= Presentation speaker,  † = Invited speaker, § = Poster presentation
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Ritson-Williams, R.* and V. J. Paul. Global and local stressors reduce coral recruitment March 2013. University of Hawaii Albert L. Testers Memorial Symposium.
Ritson-Williams, R.* and V. J. Paul. Patterns and Processes Driving Coral Recruitment. February 2013. University of Hawaii Marine Biology Graduate Seminar.
Ritson-Williams, R.*, V. J. Paul, S. Arnold, R.S. Steneck, C. Ross. Positive and negative effects of benthic algae on coral recruitment. July 2012. International Coral Reef Symposium.
Ritson-Williams, R.*, V. J. Paul. Coral recruitment in the garden of good and evil. October 2011. Invited public lecture CIEE Research Station (Bonaire).
Ritson-Williams, R.*, V. J. Paul, S. Arnold, R.S. Steneck. Picky coral larvae select specific coralline species. March 2011. Benthic Ecology Meeting.
Ritson-Williams, R.*, V. J. Paul, S. Arnold, R.S. Steneck.  Do coral larvae chose between species of coralline algae. January 2010 Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology.
Ritson-Williams, R.*, C. Ross, V. J. Paul. Global and local stressors interact to reduce coral larval survival and settlement. March 2010 Benthic Ecology Meeting.
Ritson-Williams, R.*, V. J. Paul, S. Arnold, R.S. Steneck.  Towards a better understanding of coral recruitment. October 2010 Linking Science to Management: A Conference and Workshop on the Florida Keys Marine Ecosystem.
2012: Teaching multiple grade levels about marine diversity, ecology, evolution and conservation: Mililani-Mauka School (HI)-1st grade 4/13, Star of the Sea (HI)-6th grade 2/13, St. Andrews (FL)-2ndgrade 
2012: Photo in New York Times article about coral spawning.
2012: Public lecture “Medicines from the Sea” for the Smithsonian Marine Ecosystems Exhibit.
2010: Presented five public lectures about marine ecology and diversity.
Funding Sources
UH Edmondson Grant.
UH Maybelle Roth Fellowship (ARCS)
Lerner-Gray Fund (American Museum of Natural History).